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We're thrilled to announce our inclusion on the renowned European EdTech Map built by the European Edtech Alliance, aligning with visionaries who are transforming learning experiences across borders.

As online education grows, digital transformation accelerates and investing in customised software development has become pivotal for education institutions and companies. It is become more and more available to adapt to everyone's learning styles to enhance student performance.

What is the European EdTech Map takes pride in its place on the European EdTech Map as a testament to our dedication to fostering innovative educational environments through our software development prowess. takes pride in its place on the European EdTech Map as a testament to our dedication to fostering innovative educational environments through our software development prowess.

The European EdTech Map is one of the best online resources and a comprehensive visualisation of the digital education landscape across Europe. It represents a collaborative effort to gather, categorise, and display the myriad of startups, innovative projects and companies delivering bespoke software solutions dedicated to enhancing education through technology.

The map showcases a diverse array of educational technologies, ranging from e-learning platforms, to educational software, apps for students and teachers, online tutoring services, and cutting-edge technologies like virtual and augmented reality tools for immersive learning experiences. This initiative aims to provide a clear overview of the EdTech ecosystem, facilitating connections among educators, technologists, and investors, and fostering opportunities for collaboration and growth within the sector.

It highlights the geographical distribution of EdTech initiatives, illustrating regional hubs of innovation and identifying areas with high growth potential. In doing so, it reflects the vibrancy and diversity of the European EdTech community, showcasing the continent’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance educational outcomes. The map is an invaluable tool for stakeholders at all levels, from policymakers looking to understand and support the sector, to educators seeking innovative solutions, and entrepreneurs navigating the landscape of opportunities in the European market.

Shaping the Future of Educational Technology Together

Shaping the Future of Educational Technology Together

Engagement in learning should not be a passive activity but an ever-evolving conversation between technology and human creativity. stands committed to this philosophy, bridging the gap between raw technical capability and the art of educating.

In the shift towards more digital learning and remote learning environments, schools and educational businesses seek partners who can navigate them through the maze of digital technologies. lends its expertise in developing platforms that are not just functional, but truly resonate with learners and educators alike.

Our expertise ranges from technology for higher education to primary schools and other educational institutions. Here are just a few examples of our past works for education:

And that’s just a tip of an iceberg, we are also versed in building custom online learning platforms (LMS) and mobile apps. Let’s talk if you would like to find out more of what we have done. I also invite you to sign up to our newsletter, so we can learn together about current developments in the technology in education sphere and so we stay in touch. We are constantly sharing various educational resources and insights.

We're not just building software; we're building the bridge to a future where each student is equipped for the jobs of tomorrow, and every educator has a wide range of tools to guide them there.

For, being a part of the European EdTech Map is more than a milestone - it's a catalyst for a movement towards more meaningful, technologically infused education.


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