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University of Szczecin

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About a project:

A friendly interface for a complex database – a step towards a revolution in higher education. Complete software engineering flow introducing a system for managing academic processes - interface that delighted clients staff.

About a client:

University of Szczecin - is a public university in Szczecin, western Poland. It is the biggest university in West Pomerania, with over 10k students and a staff of over 2,200. Target group was very specific and consisted of people of nearly every age (mostly older) and on every level of computer fluency (often not proficient).

Key take-away ; tldr

We were tasked with building a new software system for a complex university environment. One of the biggest challenges we faced was trying to reconcile the sometimes conflicting requirements of multiple different stakeholders within the university. But our team rose to the occasion and was able to translate these requirements into cohesive code, resulting in a system that was not only functional, but also intuitive and easy to use.

The end users of this system were pleasantly surprised with how user-friendly it was. They were able to navigate the interface with ease and found that it met their needs perfectly. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team, who were able to take a complex set of requirements and turn them into a system that exceeded everyone's expectations.


  • Digitalisation of the university's documents flow, workflow and processes

  • Facilitating and making the work of university employees easier

  • Reduction of manual work and errors


Key metrics


When we set out to design the software system for this project, our goal was to create a solution that was universal in its application. We wanted to build a system that could work with a wide variety of data sources and types, and serve a diverse range of processes. To accomplish this, we put a lot of thought into the interface and architecture of the system.


One of the key features of the system we developed is its ability to integrate with a wide range of other systems. For example, we built in support for Single Sign-On (SSO), USOS, POLon, library system, and many other systems that are specific to the higher education environment. This allows the system to seamlessly integrate with the existing technology infrastructure at the university, making it easy for users to access the information they need.


To ensure that the system is scalable and able to handle increasing demands, we built it using Docker containers. This allows the system to be easily deployed and managed, and ensures that it is able to handle a large number of users and data without any issues.


Another important aspect of the system we developed is its flexibility and configurability. We designed it so that it can easily adapt to changing needs, even as new data types and processes are introduced. This means that as the university's needs evolve, the system will be able to evolve with them, making it a long-term solution that will continue to meet the needs of the university for many years to come.


Complex university processes made simple
#EdTech and #HigherEd revolution

PHP Symfony bespoke software for university


One of the key areas where we focused our efforts was on user experience design. We wanted to make sure that the system was easy to use for people of all ages and skill levels, and that it would be well-received by our target users. Through careful research and testing, we were able to create an interface that was intuitive and user-friendly, which has been a major factor in the system's success.


Another major accomplishment was that we were able to complete the project on time and without any delays. This is thanks to the hard work and dedication of our team, as well as the strong partnership we had with the university staff. We were able to work closely with them to ensure that the project was delivered on schedule and to the highest standards.


One of the most significant benefits of the system we developed is the reduction in administrative costs. A lot of the processes that were previously carried out manually are now automated, which has significantly reduced the workload for the university staff. This has not only saved time and money, but has also improved the overall performance of the university.


The system has also had a positive impact on staff motivation and satisfaction. The easy-to-use interface and automated processes have made their work easier, which has increased productivity and morale.


Enrolling the system was a difficult task itself, but with the cooperation of the university's staff, we were able to make it smooth and error-free. Today, nearly every university employee is using our system, and we are taking care of its maintenance and development. This has ensured that the system continues to meet the needs of the university and its users.


The solution we devised is a powerful, versatile and integrated software system that can handle a wide variety of data sources and processes, and is built with scalability, flexibility and integrations in mind. Its ability to adapt to changing needs and its ease of use makes it a perfect fit for the complex and evolving needs of a University.


We were able to deliver a system that is user-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective, and it has had a positive impact on the performance of the university. We are proud to have played a part in this project and look forward to continuing to support the university in the future.


We would like to express a positive opinion about our cooperation with the company 1000ideas in the implementation of a database collecting scientific achievements at our university. We particularly appreciate their professionalism and commitment to the commissioned project. The company's employees were always available and provided assistance with various issues related to the project. We recommend 1000ideas as a reliable company that efficiently carries out the tasks entrusted to it.

Uniwersytet Szczeciński bespoke software for edtech higher education

Monika Trochimiak

Uczelniane Centrum Informatyczne

IT consulting

Technology stack

PHP 8.0
Symfony 5.4
Self-hosted dedicated server
Stimulus + Turbo
Single sign-on (SSO)
Caddy + Mercure + Vulcain
Library system

Delivery success stories

We take care of completed projects, especially at their most important stage – during operation, when their availability is crucial for the client.

AGH DSI.Portal

AGH DSI.Portal

AI-powered Data Hub for Digital Transformation in Higher Education

University of Szczecin

University of Szczecin

Complex university processes made simple

ROSA group

ROSA group

Implementation of an extensive website

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The longest phase of the software life cycle begins with its launch. We provide DevOps (operations) and server management services to ensure system security and client support, including during production operations.

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To maximise online product life, we perform services: regular updates, threat monitoring, dependency audits, checking backups and several other areas of the app.

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For critical systems, we provide a team that monitors their operation, and we solve problems as soon as they arise. Our quick response time is crucial for the services which your business profits rely on.

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We advise on the best configuration of the server environment (e.g. cloud) and set the optimal parameters for the services used so that your product is always available. We also carry out the publication process for new software versions.

Data migration

Manually transferring data from the old site to the new one can be a difficult or impossible task. We create scripts that automate these tasks, and we advise the best solutions.

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