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Success story

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About project:

Creating a complex website integrated with an external store for one of the leading educational publishers in Poland.

Our task

Our task was to create an information architecture that would also be friendly to non-technical users, which would allow them to smoothly navigate the website and quickly get to know the brand’s complex range of materials.

Thanks to UX recommendations and comprehensive user research, we created a website structure that is not only transparent but also extremely user-friendly.

Our goal

Creating a website with an extensive information structure, designed to be used by "non-technical users", as well as organising a variety of content related to the range.

MAC web development consulting


Based on the analyses and research provided by the client, we created a programming portal containing all the indicated functions, implemented in such a way that each user could comfortably use all the website’s services.

In the course of our work, we tried to best respond to the most important challenges, while at the same time creating an organised and transparent information structure, which would translate into user experience and make it easy for users without technical expertise to use the website.

Sztuka Papieru screenshot

We created a Teacher Zone where, using their login and password, teachers could update their details in the system (integrated with Customer Services and CRM) and gain access to hidden content, which significantly reduced workload for the client’s call centre.

At the same time, we prepared the website for high traffic spikes, which enabled the MAC Group to implement videoconferencing and webinars with dynamically generated certificates for users.

MAC website php symfony

We built the website so that it would work perfectly in the cloud (operation based on 3-6 application servers, one database server and a load balancer), and also allow the client to modify individual elements of the website themselves, giving them the possibility to make changes to the range of materials on offer and the content.

In addition, we integrated the entire system with CRM and an external store (special request from the client), enabling a two-way exchange of data about users with the client’s CRM, Pivotal, and transfer of user sessions to the publisher’s store.

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IT consulting

Based on the analyses and research provided by the client, we created a programming portal containing all the indicated functions, implemented in such a way that each user could comfortably use all the website’s services.

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Krzysztof Kosman


IT consulting

Do tej pory nie spotkaliśmy się z projektem rozbudowy serwisu, którego zespół 1000software nie był w stanie się podjąć i skutecznie wdrożyć. Przygotowana dla nas platforma zrealizowała w pełni nasze potrzeby biznesowe. Zawsze możemy liczyć na wsparcie zarówno techniczne, jak i biznesowe. Od lat utrzymujemy współpracę i planujemy kolejne projekty.

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Piotr Twardowski

Specjalista ds e-marketingu

Technology stack

PHP 8.0

Delivery success stories

We take care of completed projects, especially at their most important stage – during operation, when their availability is crucial for the client.

AGH DSI.Portal

AGH DSI.Portal

AI-powered Data Hub for Digital Transformation in Higher Education

University of Szczecin

University of Szczecin

Complex university processes made simple

ROSA group

ROSA group

Implementation of an extensive website

Delivery services

The longest phase of the software life cycle begins with its launch. We provide DevOps (operations) and server management services to ensure system security and client support, including during production operations.

Maintenance services

To maximise online product life, we perform services: regular updates, threat monitoring, dependency audits, checking backups and several other areas of the app.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

For critical systems, we provide a team that monitors their operation, and we solve problems as soon as they arise. Our quick response time is crucial for the services which your business profits rely on.

Configuration and publication

We advise on the best configuration of the server environment (e.g. cloud) and set the optimal parameters for the services used so that your product is always available. We also carry out the publication process for new software versions.

Data migration

Manually transferring data from the old site to the new one can be a difficult or impossible task. We create scripts that automate these tasks, and we advise the best solutions.

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