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Product discovery 
and consulting

Build a competitive edge with experts in the field, and take advantage of their wide-ranging experience.

about your project

The key questions answered right at the start

The most important thing in every project is effective communication and understanding.

That's why the first stage is so important. We ask questions, get to know the product and idea, build a team, create concepts and a plan. It's at this stage that we lay the foundation for our further cooperation.

Get there fast

By taking time at the start of the process, we can find the quickest path to achieving your goals. We check at the outset which ideas meet the objectives and which don't, so we don't spend time on dead ends – saving time, money and the precious energy of the team.

Discovery success stories

The conclusions from the analysis always influence further decisions and the future of the products.

AGH DSI.Portal

AGH DSI.Portal

AI-powered Data Hub for Digital Transformation in Higher Education

University of Szczecin

University of Szczecin

Complex university processes made simple

ROSA group

ROSA group

Implementation of an extensive website

Discovery services

Discovery sprint

This is usually a 3-5 day sprint, during which we ask key business questions in order to develop recommendations for specific actions and define the scope of the project.

UX review and report

When we want to change or develop existing products, we first conduct an analysis of what works or doesn't work right now. The prepared report allows us to get to know the current situation and provides a starting point for further design.


Knowledge is a key factor in making important business decisions. Our experts carry out analyses, share their experience and recommend the best solutions.

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software development services

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