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Web development services

We've been building web apps since 2009, so we have hundreds of completed projects.

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At, we bring together the skills needed to complete the entire project from start to finish.

At the develop stage, this can mean a project manager, developer, quality assurance or, for example, DevOps.

We focus on ensuring that the product created meets the business goals and solves the problem that it was designed to address

Development success stories

We create complete online products. A key element of this work is the quality of the code and the reliability of the chosen technologies.

AGH DSI.Portal

AGH DSI.Portal

AI-powered Data Hub for Digital Transformation in Higher Education

University of Szczecin

University of Szczecin

Complex university processes made simple

ROSA group

ROSA group

Implementation of an extensive website

Development services

Every project is different, but the problems they encounter are similar. That's why we use proven methodologies and processes so that each subsequent project leverages the experience of the previous ones.

Agile web development

This is a broad spectrum of technologies,

HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Node.js, etc. Everything you need to make your product available to all internet users.

Mobile development

More and more traffic each year comes from mobile devices. Your product will reach more users with a mobile app.


This is one of the core tools that make up the modern internet. It allows you to build a blog, corporate website, WooCommerce store and much more.


A universal and powerful framework used in bespoke software. It supports building SaaS products, startups, internal company tools, complex CMS panels – the possibilities are endless.

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