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outsourced software development for rosa group
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Rosa Group



About project:

Design and implementation of a website and CMS for product management, as well as setting up full integration with the mobile app for a top brand in the lighting industry.

Our task

The main task that we were faced with was end-to-end system implementation, including, among other things: the website, CMS for website and product database management, product card generator, and API for the mobile app.

The client wanted to be able to edit all subpages of the website and conveniently manage an extensive database of almost 2,000 products, displayed attractively, while maintaining responsive web design.

Additionally, we were responsible for moving the client’s database and importing all its elements to the new system, while ensuring communication with the mobile application remained constant.

Our goal

Creating a contest based on mechanics that would combine the online and offline worlds, while maintaining the brand’s tone of voice emphasising efficiency, modernity and user-friendliness.

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As part of our work, we made the front end using the ZURB Foundation framework. The back end was based on PHP Symfony. The primary database we used was MySQL, but we also used MongoDB and Memcached in the project to increase efficiency.

We also created a CMS panel in which you could easily manage the content on the website through a special visual block editing system, plus we designed an innovative way of displaying light poles.

In the CMS panel, we also added the possibility to work from any number of locations, along with a configurable system of roles and accesses. For product database management, we implemented a mechanism to preview and publish changes.

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The biggest challenge of this project was the large number of products and product variants, for which the photos, videos, 3D data and renders constituted a huge amount of data to display and process.

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Krzysztof Kosman


Technology stack

PHP 8.0

Delivery success stories

We take care of completed projects, especially at their most important stage – during operation, when their availability is crucial for the client.

AGH DSI.Portal

AGH DSI.Portal

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University of Szczecin

University of Szczecin

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Comprehensive strategic and creative service

Delivery services

The longest phase of the software life cycle begins with its launch. We provide DevOps (operations) and server management services to ensure system security and client support, including during production operations.

Maintenance services

To maximise online product life, we perform services: regular updates, threat monitoring, dependency audits, checking backups and several other areas of the app.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

For critical systems, we provide a team that monitors their operation, and we solve problems as soon as they arise. Our quick response time is crucial for the services which your business profits rely on.

Configuration and publication

We advise on the best configuration of the server environment (e.g. cloud) and set the optimal parameters for the services used so that your product is always available. We also carry out the publication process for new software versions.

Data migration

Manually transferring data from the old site to the new one can be a difficult or impossible task. We create scripts that automate these tasks, and we advise the best solutions.

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