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About project:

Combining the online and offline worlds by creating a contest with custom mechanics, in which customers sent parcels to each other.

Our task

“A gnome on tour” was a summer promotional campaign making use of the vast network of Parcel Lockers throughout Poland. It gave users the chance to send InPost gnomes for long, free holidays to the farthest corners of our country.

As part of the contest, users formed teams whose task was to send a garden gnome from one parcel locker to another. Each team had only one gnome at their disposal. The winning team was the one whose gnome covered the longest route in the allotted time. The number of individual trips (and therefore parcels) was unlimited.

Our task included designing all the graphic materials, app design, server maintenance and implementation of the mechanisms needed to run the contest, as well as verifying the results.

Our goal

Creating a contest based on mechanics that would combine the online and offline worlds, while maintaining the brand’s tone of voice emphasising efficiency, modernity and user-friendliness.

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As part of our work, we created a Facebook app in which users could join teams, receive their gnome and send promotional parcels as part of the campaign. The app allowed users to communicate with each other, as well as to check where in Poland their gnome was at any given moment.

The app that we created made full integration with the client’s system (web service) possible, which allowed users to send parcels, track statuses and set up their accounts. The entire system, programmed with Ruby on Rails, was launched in the cloud, and we were responsible for its operation and efficient maintenance of the production environment.

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Thanks to the campaign, we also managed to achieve a large number of so-called “first trials” of Parcel Locker services (which was of key importance to the client). The precise selection of tools and technologies ensured that not only did the entire contest run without any problems, but it also became an extremely valuable experience for us in the field of connecting firmware, apps and various web services into one seamless system.

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Several hundred people from all over Poland got involved in the contest, and InPost gnomes were sent to the farthest corners of the country.

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Technology stack

PHP 8.0

Delivery success stories

We take care of completed projects, especially at their most important stage – during operation, when their availability is crucial for the client.

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Delivery services

The longest phase of the software life cycle begins with its launch. We provide DevOps (operations) and server management services to ensure system security and client support, including during production operations.

Maintenance services

To maximise online product life, we perform services: regular updates, threat monitoring, dependency audits, checking backups and several other areas of the app.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

For critical systems, we provide a team that monitors their operation, and we solve problems as soon as they arise. Our quick response time is crucial for the services which your business profits rely on.

Configuration and publication

We advise on the best configuration of the server environment (e.g. cloud) and set the optimal parameters for the services used so that your product is always available. We also carry out the publication process for new software versions.

Data migration

Manually transferring data from the old site to the new one can be a difficult or impossible task. We create scripts that automate these tasks, and we advise the best solutions.

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