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Turning Green into Gold: How Eric Rimon is Transforming the FoodTech with his startup

In our latest interview, we had an enriching discussion with Eric Rimon, a sustainable entrepreneur whose journey spans across Finland, Israel, and currently Denmark. Eric, an individual of diverse cultural and academic backgrounds, operates in various sectors including automotive, green energy, and now food services through his latest initiative, Ariel's Pizza. With a strong foundation in social work, special pedagogy, and certifications in digital marketing and artificial intelligence, Eric's multidisciplinary approach brings unique insights into the world of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Ariel’s Pizza: Pioneering Sustainable Food Service

Eric Rimon is set to transform the food service industry with his innovative project, Ariel's Pizza. The venture aims to offer authentic Italian pizza made with eco-friendly, local ingredients, and plant-based substitutes for meat and cheese. According to Eric, the inspiration for this initiative roots deeply in his upbringing surrounded by nature in Israel and his father’s work in environmental conservation. His time in Denmark, known for its advances in the FoodTech industry, further fueled his commitment to sustainability.

Technological and Market Innovations

Although he keeps some details under wraps, Eric hints at incorporating technological innovations to optimize his business operations. The broader goal is to lead market education and change customer behavior towards more sustainable food consumption. Ariel’s Pizza will not only offer competitively priced ecologic options but also implement a sustainable club model to reward customers who prioritize purchasing sustainable products.

Challenges in Raising Capital and Building Startups

Eric elaborates on his extensive experience in raising capital for startups. He underscores the importance of professionalism, understanding market situations, and targeting the right investors. "Don't take rejections personally; learn from each 'no,'" he advises, emphasizing the strength of resilience and continual learning.

Navigating Societal Challenges and Emphasizing Collaboration

Eric touches upon the societal challenges he has faced, particularly anti-semitism, and how these experiences have shaped his ethos in entrepreneurship. He underscores the importance of collaborative efforts and respecting diverse backgrounds to combat global issues like climate change. His collaboration with a Palestinian co-founder in his FinTech company is a testament to his belief in unity and collective problem-solving.

Future Prospects for Ariel’s Pizza

Eric is optimistic about Ariel's Pizza making a significant impact on the market and hopes to set a precedent for eco-friendly food services. Starting with a food truck to collect invaluable customer feedback, he aims to scale into a larger chain contributing positively to the environment and society.

Join us in supporting Eric Rimon and his journey toward a sustainable future.


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