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Crypto giant will build a free education platform - Giggle Academy

Changpeng Zhao
Changpeng Zhao (2018), source: Wikipedia

Top tech leaders such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Changpeng Zhao all stress the pivotal role education plays in shaping our future.

Their viewpoints may vary, but the central theme remains the same - education is essential for societal growth and prosperity. According to Gates, high-quality education can ignite innovation. Musk thinks of it as a breeding ground for problem solvers, while Zhao acknowledges education as the basic foundation for digital literacy and equitable global learning.

Big changes in society often come from such thought leaders, and their view of education is no different. Instead of viewing education as a conventional institute, they see it as a powerful stage that endows individuals with the necessary abilities and mindset to orchestrate an exceptional future. Education getting prioritised by such visionaries paves the way for a transformed horizon. In this new landscape, education is recognised not merely as a systemic requirement, but as the powerhouse driving societal advancement and technological leaps.

Changpeng Zhao, more commonly known as CZ in the crypto world, is a renowned figure in blockchain technology. The visionary founder and former CEO of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume globally, has shaken up the sectors of blockchain and cryptocurrency with his innovative ideas and leadership.

Recently, CZ has announced an exciting new project: an online education platform named Giggle Academy. Embracing the belief that education can be revolutionised with the right tech, Zhao aims to develop a digital education platform unlike any other. With his extensive business experience this venture promises to bring new insights into EdTech SaaS world.

Make basic education accessible, addictive and adaptive, to the kids who don’t have access to them today, all around the world, for free. - Changpeng Zhao, Feb 2024



These days technology is driving significant changes in every industry, thus the value of education has never been more critical, especially in the realm of software technology which changes each day. With rapidly evolving technology trends, having access to reliable, up-to-date, and high-quality educational resources is vital for any entrepreneur (SaaS EdTech in particular).

World map of countries shaded according to the literacy rate for all people aged 15 and over
World map of countries shaded according to the literacy rate for all people aged 15 and over, Source: Wikipedia

However, the EdTech market currently grapples with numerous challenges. Traditional learning methods often fail to meet learners' demands, as they need flexible educational spaces accessible anywhere, anytime and affordable (preferably completely free). From having to relearn the basics to grappling with new technical terms and practices, potential learners in tech are constantly chasing an ever-moving finish line.

Over 75% of the world's 781 million illiterate adults are found in South Asia, West Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa, and women represent almost two-thirds of all illiterate adults globally. - Wikipedia,

Moreover, there's a distinct gap between what traditional educational institutions provide and what the tech industry requires. To bridge this gap, it is crucial to integrate an innovative learning process that delivers relevant and digestible content, tailored to individual learning needs - a need that Giggle Academy is set to address.


Giggle Academy's White Paper

giggle academy white paper

Giggle Academy is an ambitious project aiming to make basic education accessible, addictive, and adaptive for underprivileged children worldwide, offering a completely free and online platform. According to its white paper, over 75% of the world's illiterate adults are in regions like South Asia, West Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa, with women comprising almost two-thirds of this group. Giggle Academy seeks to address this global challenge by providing a holistic educational solution.

The academy's curriculum covers grade 1-12 level education, focusing not just on traditional subjects like reading, writing, mathematics, science, and literature, but also on areas often overlooked by current educational systems, such as emotional intelligence (EQ), negotiation, finance, entrepreneurship, sales, legal or accounting, blockchain, and AI. This extensive program is designed not to replace existing education systems but to complement them, especially targeting children who have had no formal education.

Giggle Academy's methodology includes a mix of innovative elements to enhance learning and retention:

  1. Gamification: The platform uses gamification techniques to make learning engaging and addictive. This includes high-quality education content, badges (NFTs), points, scores, rankings, and a natural progression in learning, mimicking game flow to ensure systematic progress.

  2. Adaptive Curriculum: Instead of promoting an average skill set among students, Giggle Academy encourages specialisations, allowing students to focus more on their strengths. This approach is geared towards enabling students to excel in areas they are passionate about, making them more valuable to society.

  3. Certification and Skill Recognition: Rather than focusing on traditional degrees, the academy introduces its certification system with "Giggle points," levels, and badges. These are intended to help students prove their learning achievements and skillsets, aiding them in securing better job opportunities in the future.

  4. Technological Integration: The entire platform operates online, leveraging AI and automation to scale and adapt the educational content. This includes mechanisms to ensure the integrity of the learning process, like facial recognition to prevent cheating.

  5. Community and Social Support: Recognising the importance of mental health and peer support, Giggle Academy plans to foster social circles for students with similar interests, as well as peer tutoring, counseling, and mentoring.

The Vision

the future of education

The drive behind Giggle Academy stems from its founder's desire to leverage his expertise in software platforms to make a high-impact, scalable contribution to global education. Despite acknowledging the potential challenges and past failures in similar endeavors, the project is seen as a way to address core issues by educating the next generation. This is strongly based on the belief that education is foundational to addressing many of the world's critical issues like poverty, health, and sustainability.

In essence, Giggle Academy represents a visionary approach to education, aiming to bridge the gap in global education accessibility through technology, gamification, and a focus on individual strengths, with the ultimate goal of empowering underprivileged children around the world.

Changpeng Zhao, having witnessed firsthand the challenges facing the tech-lead world, decided to create a platform where learners would not be restricted by geographical or psychological boundaries. His diverse experience in leading Binance, coupled with his profound understanding of blockchain technology, influenced Giggle Academy's development.

He aimed to ensure that this EdTech SaaS platform would offer an optimal learning experience, no different from – if not superior to – traditional educational methods.


Impact on the EdTech Market

education boundaries challenges

In a world where education is increasingly significant, but also increasingly unequal, Giggle Academy stands to make a real impact. By leveraging technology and innovative teaching methods, this project aims to create an accessible, inclusive, and engaging educational platform for underprivileged children around the globe.

It has the potential to disrupt current EdTech market, creating new benchmarks for online education platforms and their business models. The platform's inception could also foster partnerships and collaborations with other tech titans, further fuelling advancements in the educational technologies sector. Partnerships with other education companies like Khan Academy, Guild Education, and Panorama Education could be on the horizon, amplifying the scope and impact of digital learning.



virtual school

Despite the wealth of information available about Giggle Academy, its specific launch date remains unknown. The development and implementation of an ambitious and groundbreaking platform like this naturally takes time, and the team behind Giggle Academy is likely working diligently to ensure the utmost quality and efficacy of their product.

While we eagerly anticipate further announcements about the platform's schedule, it's clear that the creators aim to prioritise the comprehensive formation, trial, and enhancement of this unique educational experience over a rushed launch. More details about the timeline will no doubt be forthcoming as progress continues.

CZ's foray into a cause as noble as education, armed with his profound tech expertise, symbolises growing responsibility among tech titans to craft a better future for the underprivileged. The arrival of Giggle Academy might be the dawn of a new era where education is not a privilege but a humane right accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic barriers.


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